e-Image Data

Their ScanPro micrographic equipment is the scanner of choice in some of the world’s most prestigious libraries and corporations.

   Our equipment uses such features as:

  • Patented FOCUS – Lock™ technology that eliminates the focusing step even during film movement & changes in magnification.
  • ScanPro uses proprietary and patented technology that results in superior image quality and the highest optical resolution in the market from the ScanPro 3000.
  • ScanPro Optical Zoom Magnification has the highest optical zoom magnification range of any microfilm scanner on the market.
  • Auto-Adjust also called the “Magic button” by customers because with a single click it will automatically straighten your microfilm image, adjust brightness and contrast to get the best image & crop unwanted borders.
  • All models come a three year warranty.
  • Plus much more that will benefit your operation and make the research done by your patrons easier.

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