Fujitsu Computer Products of America is an authentic leader in the document imaging market, featuring scanning solutions in the work-group, departmental, and production-level scanner categories. The Fujitsu scanner offers outstanding price and performance value in all of their models.  Their compact footprint makes them well suited for the front office environment.  Fujitsu scanners deliver:

  • Great image quality
  • Pronounced paper handling
  • Impressive rate of speed along
  • Easy integration and compatibility with over 200 document imaging applications

Several models offer ultrasonic double feed detection and long document scanning support (up to 34 inches).

Fujitsu scanners conveniently include everything in box to get organizations up and scanning.  They offer the following full versions of:

  • Kofax Software VRS
  • Adobe Acrobat Standard
  • Quickscan and ScanAll 21 software

Users get image enhancement functionality, as well as the option of scanning directly to PDF, file, print, or batch.