Paper to Digital

Streamline the way you manage your records by converting your documents to digital images to get more effective storage and access.

Do you have paper records taking up too much space and are hard to access? Do you have records on microfilm or microfiche in need of easier, faster access?

Do you have documents for:

  • Financial or Accounting Records
  • Medical Records
  • Government Records
  • Human Resource Files
  • Insurance Records
  • ANY Business Records

There is no need to dig through piles of paper to get the document you need. Modern Information Systems has conversion services available that will create digital images from your paper documents and then provide the means to access those documents on virtually any computer system. Your paper records – anything from small notes to large drawings to bound books – can be converted and then indexed so that you have fast access to all your documents. You will save storage space and improve efficiency.

Already on film? – No Problem

If your documents are already stored on film, we can convert them to digital images, a more modern, efficient technology. You will get faster, more specific access and be able to utilize your existing computers with no need for readers or reader printers.

Using the latest scanning equipment and a highly experienced team that has been in the industry for over 32 years, MIS will prepare your documents, scan them and then index them according to your needs. Quality control is built into each step of the process. There are many choices of storage media, retrieval and printing systems to match your requirements. You can store and retrieve records via the Internet or we can provide tools to manage your own system. You can:

  • prevent record loss
  • retrieve your data easily
  • gain portability of your data
  • reduce record storage space
  • improve productivity
  • utilize your own database for indexing



OCR & Searchable PDF

Scan and convert:

  • Documents
  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Publications and records to searchable indexed PDF files

From your PC desktop computer or Internet web site you can search your entire collection of files from your own search engine on your web site. If needed we will install one for you. You can quickly find information which has been indexed in your search request.

Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to implement Text Recognition, a scanned image is processed. The image is then output to an electronic searchable document. The most popular format is called a searchable Portable Document Format (PDF)


  • Convert images of typewritten or printed documents into searchable electronic documents
  • Make your paper documents such as invoices and legal contracts searchable in a matter of minutes
  • Create a fully searchable repository for easy retrieval of information



Engineering Drawings

Move your Engineering Drawings Into the Electronic Age!

Take Advantage of the Latest Technologies!

For over twelve years, Modern Information Systems has specialized in scanning engineering drawings, maps, paper documents, and film. Our people, processes, and emphasis on quality control set us apart from other scanning services. We adapt our scanning services to your needs whether it be a single drawing or thousands, large or small, whatever your requirements demand.  You can move from a crowded environment that consists of thousands of paper drawings, that all have to be accessed manually, to just a few CDs that give you a multitude of benefits. We can give you CDs that contain not only your scanned documents but also the search, view, and print software you can use to access the drawings.

The process begins with scanning the drawings and moves onto electronic archiving, distribution, management and updating which saves you and your company tremendous time and resources. Depending on your needs you can:

  • Get faster retrievals
  • Improve revision cycles
  • Edit electronically
  • Transform drawings into precise, complete & intelligent CAD models
  • Save expensive space by eliminating drawing cabinets – typically 2,500 drawings (24”x26”) can be stored on just one CD
  • Combine drawings with document scans to get a complete electronic record for applications such as building files and planning

Scanned information can be supplied in many formats including:

  • TIFF – the most standard raster format
  • PDF – a simple raster scan can include OCR information that can be cut and pasted to other applications
  • GIF – generally used for Internet applications
  • JPEG – for color images




Good News for Old News

Convert your newspapers and rare books to CDROM/DVD, Internet based graphic formats, PDF,  or OCR/searchable indexed documents.

With our Paper view service, you can get rid of all the paper and gain:

  • Safe storage
  • Easy access
  • Fast retrieval of your documents from a CD or an Internet web site with a search engine that can search the text of the entire collection of newspapers, magazines, and other publications

Newspapers take up a lot of storage space, easily damaged, and are hard to search in. Our digital solution can make using your newspaper archives much easier. Our state of the art equipment:

  • Scans the papers
  • Indexes data according to your needs
  • Creates CD’s

The search, view, and print software can all be put on the same storage CD, or you can upload them to your  web site allowing you to easily access and search from anywhere anytime. Our document management experts can help design a customized solution for you. Depending on your location, we can even arrange to pick up your newspapers for processing. If you are too far from us for personal pickup, shipping can be easily arranged from anywhere in the country. If you decide to destroy the paper once you have your CDs, we can handle that for you as well. Contact us today to solve your newspaper storage and accessibility problems.

Convert microfilm to a digital file:

Already converted your newspapers to microfilm? 

We can convert your microfilm to a CD or electronic digital file for a web site to provide you and your client’s faster access and easy searching capabilities. The search and access software can be put on the same storage CD so no additional software is needed on your PC. All you have to do is load the CD and you’re ready!  You can keep your backup microfilm on site, this way you are never without your documents while Modern Information Systems creates your digital images.