Filing Systems

Space, time and organization…

When you need more space, time and organization check with Modern Information Systems, the filing system experts.  We know firsthand how important it is to stay efficient in order to make a profit and beat out the competition.  For more than 25 years, we’ve helped large and small companies, to benefit by effectively managing their information.  Our clients are working proof that the systems installed by Modern Information Systems:

  • Save an average of 60% in floor space and costs
  • Save an average of 40% in filing time
  • Helps ensure accuracy and control
  • Are easy to use and easy to manage
  • Usually pay for themselves in less than one year
  • Are supported by trained filing consultants

Our systems keep your information up to date, accessible and accurate.  While managing your files throughout their life cycle, our systems focus on information when it’s most critical to you which is:

  • During the stage of active use

We strive to provide solutions that reduce employee frustrations and help them work at their peak performance.