NSF Check Collection

Modern Information Systems provides an NSF collection system called, eZCheckNet a solution from eTech Transaction Solutions, Inc.  It incorporates electronic check recovery with superior client support and advanced Web-based reporting.

eZCheckNet achieves over 90% collection of all returned checks drawn on active accounts – more than doubling the industry standard collection rate of 43%.

These following service packages are available for the client:

  1. The eZCheckNet service - a standalone, zero cost funds recovery system.
  2. The eZConsolidated service- a version of the eZCheckNet service that provides an aggregation of all returned checks into a consolidated bank account of eTech.  This service results in:
    • Reduction of accounting entries
    • Improved cash flow
    • Lower banking fees
    • Improves funds availability
    • Reduces banking fees, at less cost than a credit card transaction
  1. The eZConsolidated Plus service Version I and II-  enhanced versions of the eZConsolidated service with addition in Version I of point-of-sale check verification module, or the alternate Version II that includes the addition of an electronic remote deposit module.
  2. The eZConsolidated Premier service- an enhanced version of the eZConsolidated service (equivalent to a combination of eZConsolidated Plus Version I and II) with the addition of both a point-of-sale check verification module and an electronic remote deposit module.
  3. The eZCheckNet Gold service- a service that eliminates the revenue risk of returned checks through a comprehensive guarantee.