Reasons why organizations need to shred:

  1. At the federal level, HIPAA (healthcare) and Gramm-Leach-Blily (financial) requires specific physical safeguards, such as shredding, to meet compliance.
  2. An increasing number of laws (FACTA and others) actually require organizations to shred or face steep fines.
  3. Organizations need to protect their customer’s privacy and prevent identity theft, which is among the fastest growing crime in the United States.
  4. They want to protect their employee’s privacy.
  5. Organizations also want to protect themselves and their shareholders by safeguarding proprietary trade information.

How Modern Information Systems can help:

Modern Information Systems will pick up your records and shred them in a secure environment.  Our customers are well respected doctors, lawyers, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, etc.  Modern Information Systems has become the company for many businesses and individuals that are in need of protecting their patients and clients privacy.  Professional Companies needing this important service is how and why this shredding division started.

Options Available:

  1. Bulk Shredding- we will pick-up your records for destruction from your site.
  2. Shredding Container- this is an office environment container that can be placed anywhere and looks appropriate.  In this setting it provides a convenient security collection point making it easy and convenient for employees to use.