Open Text ApplicationXtender Enterprise Information Management

Open Text’s ApplicationXtender: Enterprise Information Management on Windows

Open Text ApplicationXtender provides out-of-the-box capabilities that allows you to quickly create an “electronic file cabinet” for:

  • Information
  • Organization
  • Delivery of images
  • Documents
  • Reports
  • Other business-critical information

Built on a central repository system, Open Text ApplicationXtender provides specific capabilities for high-speed image capture and storage which is designed for quick deployment.  With Open Text ApplicationXtender, you quickly access information from a universal desktop interface using a PC or any mobile device, enabling:

  • Greater control over business documents
  • Enhancing the quality of decisions
  • Increasing customer service levels
  • Improving employee productivity

You can quickly deploy Open Text ApplicationXtender without programming or extensive customization, saving a substantial amount of time and money for your organization.  Using web-based tools, administrators can centrally configure and manage application resources such as:

  • Application templates
  • Repository parameters
  • Storage devices
  • Business rules

Remote management and monitoring services offer a central view of the application environment, enabling proactive management of application services and related resources.